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Look For Sexual Partners I m tired of Rapid City South Dakota girls

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I m tired of Rapid City South Dakota girls

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Dude this party is a o sausagefestwe pulled a south dakota not inviting any chick. South Dakota unknown. Home of dead plants and food that makes you sick.

The entire state is obsessed with friggin' Mount Rushmore. Also, some other sites are: You'll hate it PersonX: Wellyeah.

Cold hellhole with a population of about 7 people as of the census.

Projections say there may be up to 8 people, but that could just be an illegal immigrant. Black Hills and Rushmore are vastly overrated, btw.

People really only come here to gamble and make fun of the locals. Why bother comparing eastern SD to Minnesota?

Minnesota is almost as hick, shitty and worthless as SD. What a shitty state.

The only state worse than South Dakota is Iowa. Iowa sucks balls. South Dakota is full of redneck motherfuckers.

Sioux Falls is an exception Sioux Falls is actually a cicvilized city. Sioux Falls should be considered part of Minnesota. Some bunk-ass worthlessness plopped to the south Dxkota that other worthless state.

The creatures that populate these redneck-ravaged badlands spend most of their time performing activities such as: Violation of animal rights beastiality ; Re-enacting the Johnny Appleseed legend using Milwaukee's Best, children, and guns; Playing Jeff Foxworthy records at the same time as Dierks Bentley, on loop; DVR'ing every Find an escort race to be watched while not beating on another family member or skinning a helpless animal; Cow-tipping in the often ill-maligned weather; Football.

The government is planning to give America a large fiscal break by destroying this part of the country and leaving its denizens o dead.

Taliban member: FKT Snooki Chinga la migra Meg Griffin LMSYD Luftmensch NGD Poopshack Cringe worthy Eggs Danny Thomas Do Bits Society G Code.